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RSK Consulting (SMC) Pvt. Ltd is a full-service business and process management firm. We have experience working with customers in geographically dispersed locations.

RSK Consulting (SMC) Pvt. Ltd is agile, fast-paced, and highly-skilled. Our belief in incremental improvements drives long-lasting, sustainable change for our customers. We apply the structure of industry proven processes in dynamic, flexible ways to get measurable results that are perfectly tailored to meet each client’s business goals and mission.

Business process improvement and the desire to continuously improve is at our core. We prepare both government and enterprise clients for third party external audits such as CMMI Appraisals, so that they can be certified and rated. We pride ourselves on a 100% success rate assisting our customers with their third-party CMMI audit readiness.

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about us

Who we are

We are a team of professionals providing data driven solutions for startups to grow with our years of excellence experience.

CEO RSK Consulting (SMC) Pvt. Ltd

CEO RSK Consulting (SMC) Pvt. Ltd​

Founder & Principal Consultant
CMMI Certificated Lead Appraiser Dev_V2.0

Saif has done several process improvement trainings and certifications and provided consultancies and appraisals to his clients, and those clients have achieved improvements and recognitions. As a process improvement advisor, he provides support and guidance to help companies improve their overall effectiveness.
He guides and coaches teams to improve their work processes based on state of art models like CMMI. He defines the most suitable and effective processes, which fit each organization and help them get the kind of results they are looking for.
Through process improvement techniques he leads organizations through exercises that help identify internal problems and together they design an approach leading to a successful outcome. Additional services include trainings and certifications which are also provided according to the organization needs
As a certified CMMI lead appraiser, he is authorized by ISACA to conduct all appraisal types for CMMI for development.
• CMMI Certified Lead Appraiser for development V2.0.
• IRCA Certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor
• IRCA Certified ISO 20000 Lead Auditor
• IRCA Certified ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor
• ISO27001 Lead Implementer
• ISO 20000 Lead Implementer
• ISO 9001:2015 Lead Implementer
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Our strong team is the foundation of a high performing business and a good team ethic that can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the organization. They communicate well with each other, focuses on goals and results, offer each other support make good leadership and organized. So what can teams do to ensure that they are collectively productive and drive the company forward? Here are a few qualities that a successful team possesses.

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