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RSK Consulting (SMC) Pvt. Ltd is a full-service business and process management firm. We provide Services and Products to drive sustainable, long-lasting, scalable, and reliable results for our customers and partners. We employ the perfect blend of strategy, people, process and technology to mature our Federal and Commercial customers’ IT and business practices.

CMMI Appraisals
CMMI Consultancy

CMMI Appraisals

The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) is the official Software Engineering Institute (SEI) method to provide benchmark-quality ratings relative to the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) models. SCAMPI appraisals are used to identify strengths and weaknesses of current processes, activities and the reveal development and acquisition risks, and the determine capability and maturity level ratings. They are mostly used either as part a of a process improvement program or for the rating prospective suppliers. The method defines the appraisal process as consisting of a  preparation; on-site activities; preliminary observations, findings, and ratings; final reporting; and follow-on activities.

CMMI Consultancy

In today’s competitive world every  organization wants to adopt the latest and the trusted standards and models like CMMI and also wants to be guided by a reliable, competent consultant who takes them on the right path without false starts A consultant facilitates this and also helps in the implementation of the CMMI Models related to Development (DEV), Acquisition (ACQ) or Services (SVC).Transition Partner that provides consulting services worldwide including in countries like USA, UK, China, Middle East, and Pakistan . RSK consultants are subject matter experts having multi-years of experience working with various types of organizations working in different domains. Apart from educational and professional qualifications.

CMMI Trainings

Whether your organization is new to process improvement or is already familiar with process improvement models, training is a key element in the ability of organizations to adopt CMMI. An initial set of courses is provided by the SEI and its Partner Network, but your organization may wish to supplement these courses with its own instruction. This approach allows your organization to focus on areas that provide the greatest business value. The SEI and its Partner Network offer the introductory course, Foundation of Capability, Building Development Excellence and Building Services Excellence. The SEI also offers advanced training to those who plan to become more deeply involved in CMMI adoption or appraisal for example, those who will guide improvement as part of a process group.

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RSK Consulting (SMC) Pvt. Ltd’s years of consulting and appraisal support, certified lead appraisers and certified appraisal team members have led us to be experts in supporting the implementation and maintenance of CMMI DEV and SVC models. 

RSK Consulting (SMC) Pvt. Ltd is an agile, fast-paced, and highly skilled organization. We imagine new, innovative, efficient, and cost-effective ways to enhance your business and projects through improved processes, tools, technology, and thought leadership. We also apply the structure of industry best practices such as CMMI using dynamic, flexible, and get measurable results that are perfectly tailored to meet each client’s business goals and mission.


CMMI at RSK Consultings

CMMI V2.0, the latest version of CMMI, was created to optimize business performance in an ever-changing global landscape. The CMMI V2.0 model is a proven set of global best practices that enables organizations to build and benchmark the key capabilities that address the most common business challenges.


We are the experts that relies on the models and the integrity to fulfil the requirements of CMMI to increase the productivity and reduce damage risk.

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